Spearfishing Stringer




The “Shark Manufacturing” Spearfishing Stringer is made from 100% marine grade 304 Stainless Steel. These are best selling spearfishing fish stringer on the market.

Big enough for 4 large fish or 20 small fish. The tip is a dull point and won’t put a hole in your wetsuit or drysuit. If your passion is diving you need a stringer that can hold up to the abuse Spearfishing can bring, buy gear that will last. Diving is hard work and having a Stringer that will work just as hard to keep your catch locked into your stringer is what every diver needs.

Add a welded-in x large solid brass or stainless clip. No one sells spearfishing stringers with the clip welded-in. One less piece of dive gear to buy. Spearfishing stringers made in the USA.

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15″ Standard, 15×8″ Large Spearfishing Stringer "Florida Special", 17×8″ Spearfishing Stringer "Big Man"

Welded-in Clip

No Clip, Brass Clip, Stainless Clip

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