Been using your pony bottle bracket for 19L now on a few dives here in Canada and... 2 THUMBS UP!!...excellent product, super easy to switch out on tanks.


Scuba diving since 1970 with near 5000 dives, a scuba diving
Instructor, charter boat owner and captain.

Diving the pacific coast from Mexico to Canada, operating a scuba diving
Charter boat in Oregon waters.
Teaching scuba and with a passion for solo diving while spear fishing,
I never dive without a pony bottle back up spair air ever!
Testing every other bracket on the market the Shark Pony Bracket is the finest spare air
Pony bottle mounting scuba diving accessory you could ever use.
The unique pony bracket attaches to any size pony bottle and firmly
Secures the pony bottle assembly to any scuba system
Whether using a single scuba cylinder or double tanks.
The design also allows for quick and easy mounting and changing of scuba tanks
The Shark Pony Bracket is uniquely different from other pony bottle mounting systems
Rugged yet refined design,
I use it with confidence as my life may depend on it.
Use the Shark pony bracket and you will never look for another pony bottle mounting system again.

USCG Master Captain
Dan Conway
Scuba Instructor Trainer

Dan Conway

Clearwater, Florida

I have been using the Shark Pony Bottle Bracket from Shark Manufacturing now for a year and a half. It's extremely easy to use and makes changing from one tank to another very simple. Just hang the bracket on your tank, cam the buckle over and you're done. No pins to line up and it doesn't hang from my bcd strap and pull it loose. It's very strong and unique in it's design. It's nice to buy a quality product built in the USA. Out of all the equipment on the market to hold my pony bottle, this is the best one I've used.

Mike LaMarr

Fort Jones, California

I have been diving for over 24 years in every condition possible, as a cave researcher in Florida, to scientific diving for Crater Lake National Park. As a dive shop owner it is exciting to see a new product that is made in the USA. The Shark Pony Bottle Bracket is the easiest quickest and most reliable one there is.

John Souza - Open Water Instructor Trainer #3583

Talent, Oregon