Shark Heavy Duty Pony Tank Mounts

Shark Heavy Duty Pony Tank Mounts


The Shark Pony Bottle Mounting Bracket

Shark Manufacturing has redesigned our pony bottle mounting bracket, now we sell only our Shark Heavy Duty Pony Tank Mount and it fits all pony tanks from a 6 cu ft to a 40 cu ft scuba pony tank. The Shark Heavy Duty pony bottle bracket will work with all your main scuba tanks sizes.

Once your Pony Tank is mounted to the bracket it can be left on the bracket indefinitely as it doesn't interfere with storage or handling of your Pony Tank. Attaching the Shark Pony Bracket to your main tank takes just seconds. After securing the cam buckle around your main tank, it will not move from its position. Because the unit requires nothing to be mounted onto the main scuba tank, no pins to line up, it’s an excellent choice for dive travel and rental tanks. Going on a boat dive that includes tanks? NO PROBLEM! The Shark Pony Tank Bracket fits on all tanks and can be mounted in any position from left to right.

The typical applications and uses for diving with a pony bottle are: Spare air system, Drysuit inflation, Argon, Nitrox, Deep diving, Dive leader, Wreck diving, Cave diving, Dive instructors, Rescue divers, Tech divers, public safety diver, Recreational divers, Charter boat diving OR if it’s required by your training organization, OSHA or employer require a stand-alone breathing air source.

Made from 100% stainless steel, available in powder coated black or plain stainless steel.

It’s time you buy one of the best and easiest pony bottle mounting brackets out there!

It comes with everything you need. Made in the USA.

The Best Scuba Pony Bottle Mount! - Everything Scuba

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